When is the Band’s season?

Marching Band season starts in August with two-weeks of band camp at LCHS.  Then, there are 4-5 all-day band competitions usually 1-2 hours away.  Also, the Marching Band performs at each of the 4-5 home football games under the “Friday Night Lights.” The band also marches in the LCHS Homecoming parade.

Beginning in November, everyone in the Marching Band becomes part of the “Pep Band” and play at each of the home basketball games.

There is also a winter concert and a spring concert, usually at the end of the semester.

It’s a busy, year-round season, but lots of fun!

Can I Be in Band and Other Activities (Football, Poms, Cheer, etc.)?

Absolutely!  We have students in band who also participate in Football, Poms, Cheer and many other school activities.  The key is to discuss your plans, with your parents, your coaches, and with the Band Director.

Don’t let wanting to be in other activities stop you from exploring band!